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Sorry to Colorado Russ. I am the second person from Colorado to remember "This is Ponderous"
I am the only person in Colorado who remembers the song "This is Ponderous"
P.S.; next album should be 2nu2have.
I thought that was 2NU in that commercial. I always wondered if you had anything new; still looking for Steel the Wine that was on the Ponderous album.
I miss you guys. Best of luck,
Thank you, gentlemen, for putting out such a fantastic product! My 13-year old daughter, Nena loves 2NU. She has Asperger's. The well-crafted lyrics, spoken-word style, and awesome -- if not unique -- melodies have always appealed to me, yet truly resonate with her. For that, I thank you! I wish you all the best and hope to one day see you play live. Warmest regards, Jason
True Story: I was recently riding my 1949 bicycle through the cemetery at night, enjoying the cool air as I was listening to random songs in my mp3 playlist, when The Submarine (Chapter 1) came on.... On other such nights I also listened to The Island (Chapter 3) and The Legend (Chapter 6). I realized that we need to hear more of Nardo Polo's amazing otherworldly dreamlike adventures.... Where are you now, Nardo? What incredible journeys have you taken since you last checked in? We want to hear more of the stories you bring back from beyond the horizon of our imaginations....
Every few years I wander by hoping to see something new. I wish you guys would release something new. I've raised both of my kids on both of your albums. More Nardo Polo please
Her hands sadly weren't that clean, my life is not as happy as it could have been. Stop, go away.
I would love to hear more from 2NU!
Huge fan from way back. Thrilled to see there's more to come. There is no such thing as dusk in the city.
I was a Junior in high school when I first heard "ponderous." I was hooked then and now that I have found your best of CD I am stoked again. Great stuff guys, keep it up.
Seriously guys... MOAR!
I just love listening. You are my ear candy, thank you. For everything. :)
I just came across your album I had in high school, only to discover you have more. i'm having a heck of a time trying to find your other collections. could you send me a link with contact information?
My son turned me on to 2NU. wewant more! Thanks for the music you already gave us.
I have loved your music for many years good rhythm catchy words . Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with us .
When I first heard your work, many years ago, I was blown away by the unique form of lyrics and music and I hope you do something else soon!
Another night that I put on the album and listen and singspeak to every song and remember the good times I had with my friends and this music. Thanks you guys, please keep making music, sometimes it's all that makes sense.
After more than twenty years it is still fu@$& ponderous
Just checking in. 2NU has been my "friend and counselor" for more than 20 years..crap! I thinks it almost 30!! Inspiring, confusing, amusing, tear jerking. Thanks guys
Thank you. Frank's Chair was a track of yours which inspired me to be an artist. And in turn, saved my life, and simply wanted to thank you for all the good work you've done. Creative visualization at it's best!
I bought a car in 92. There was a cassette in the player. It was a single ponderous on one side and She on the other. Me and some friends would trip and listen to these two songs over and over. It was an amazing summer. I never forgot those times, those friends or these songs. 20 years later I cant wait to get those and all your other music. Many thanks gents...
I was adding my much loved CD Ponderous to my music libray on my new laptop tonight and the artwork came up. I was so excited to find another album from you. I love love love Ponderous and quoted the albums lyrics to many (which normally goes over their heads). Tonight I have just bought 2NU2.com and cant wait to listen to it over and over. Wow what a great find for me.
First heard 'Ponderous' on the Dr. Demento show. Now own both albums and got your single with bonus track 'She' a few years ago. Your tracks remind me of Ken Nordine's 'word jazz' recordings. Can I expect a 3rd album soon? Are you still on the Big Adventure?
Hey, just want you to know that, partly thanks to the story "Crossroads," I have moved to Vietnam to teach English. It's been a fantastic experience. So, thanks and stuff.
Took me 4ever to find this!!! Had the tape a long time ago and could not remember the name! Glad I kept searching...
About every 3-4 years or so, I go through a phase in which I will simply listen to This Is Ponderous over and over and.. it can last up to a couple weeks, during which time I will have exposed every new person in my life who has not yet heard of you to your magic. Invariably they will ask to hear it again at some point. Maybe not right away, maybe not even for a year or two. But they will always, eventually, ask. To me, that is more powerful praise than I could ever hope to come up with words for myself to give you. That, and no matter how many times I have listened and relistened to the track, I know before I even hit play that the first time I listen to Frank's Chair, I will have a tear in my eye when it ends. I save that first listen for myself, before I share your work with another crop of new, fresh ears. Thank you.
HUGE FAN...it took me 6 months (before internet was big) to find the CD Ponderous... I wish you guys would put out more music. It is inspirational, funny, imaginitive and just all around great music. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. BTW Ponderous is my FRIDAY song. :D
My son and I, have been fans since 1990. More please.
Still love your work. I'm listening to it now.
Bought & liked 2nu2.com album in mp3 format from cdbaby, but I would really like to get it in a lossless format like FLAC. Any chance you can make that happen?
Thinking outside the square you realise its a circle,true artists- cheers
I love your work. Frank's chair and 2 out of 3 are probably my favorites. Thank you for telling wonderful stories and not just the usual dribble:)
You guys are awesome! I'm glad I finally found your page. Keep it going!
Hey guys, thanks for the tunes. Still enjoying them. Frank's Chair and a few others make me think you two should take a stab at doing some radio plays. You know, noir-style stuff, detective stories, that kind of jazz. Anyway, hope your newer projects are going well, and if you're stuck in a rut, remember that nobody cares how long you were idle after you do something neat.
Been a fan since 1990, and never stopped. "Frank's Chair" still gives me goosebumps from how it paints a magnificently rich scene. Looking forward to whatever you do next.
It's a shame you don't answer your people's questions here, I know how easy it is to let a website run for you and forget about it. But there are many questions here I would like answered too... Ahh well... This is ponderous man, really ponderous
Come on boys... time to take another trip. Bring it on. 2NUvians everywhere hunger for more.
i love you.
I been listening to you guys since the first day your music played in South Africa. Still listening to all songs regularly....bring new stuff soon please ;-)
bought the cd new in 90s still have it,too original to part with.dont stand up just stand back cause nardo's having a spaz attack.will sell for 1 million dollars!
I used to listen to the Album back in the day. I am glad to hear that it is on iTunes because I plan on getting it again.
I heard you guys back in the 90's and I lost your Cd. I searched for years because I could not remember how your name was spelled. Just tried something different today and here you are! Love the unique, original lyrics and sound!! You guys are really creative and something really coolly different for my hear...buying what I missed right now! Stay in touch...a huge fan!
Brilliant work! Ponderous played on local radio and I was hooked. Down loaded 'The Best of 2NU' from Amazon. I have to know, who backs up on vocals on Spaz Attack? It sounds so much like Lady Miss Kier. I simply must know. Hope to see my hero Nardo around soon!
I remember buying this in cassette tape form when it first came out. Great stuff, that always brings back fond memories. Thanks!
How's that new album coming? *eyes sparkling with anticipation*
Remember this song so fondly from when it was a Shriek of the week almost exactly 20 yrs ago. The vidoe was brilliant. Any chance of that being posted. The lady with the "I can see what your saying" eyes is FANTASTIC.
I'm looking for the coolest place in the world. Got any ideas?
I have been searching for years for your song "This Is Ponderous" I can't believe it took me so long to find it. I would love to hear some of your other music
Got turned on to your music about 10 years ago.....totally love it!!!!!! It's the best in the world!!!!!
For the first time in my life, I'm about to actually *purchase* MP3s. Why? Because you've earned the love and respect of this little 'pirate.' All my best!
I wasn't all that sure what to make of 2nu when I first heard their songs. You've made some incredible songs, especially love This Is Ponderous and She. Keep up the work guys :D
I was a junior in high school when this song was on the radio all the time. No one else loved it the way I did. I had since then forgotten the artist's name and the title of the song. The only thing I could remember about it was "then my shoes started to squeek" so glad that's all BING needed to find this awesome site! I'll be downloading anything I can find by you folks!
What id the "follow on"? I more 2NU.
This weekend I attended The Hukilau (www.thehukilau.com) here in Fort Lauderdale. I went expressly to see the Tampa based exotica band, The Stolen Idols (www.stolenidols.com). The group's founder and I were comparing favorite artists and I let him hear Ponderous on my iPhone. He is now hooked!! I also mentioned the follow-on 2Nu2 with interest. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that this "2Nuvian" is still spreading the gospel according to Nardo.
I love 2nU I want more
"Frank's Chair" and "Her Name" were staples in my college radio show in the 1990's! great stuff!
man i've looked for yrs for 2nu done a lot of recoveries windin down to this stuff
I enjoyed your group's music since you began. Please make more! I've also been trying to by a CD version of the Ponderous album, but no luck. Can you help?
When can we expect more cuts to appear on iTunes or other sites lie CD Baby? There is not enough 2NU available today. More Please!
It was more than 15 years ago that I came across your CD in the bargain bin at a Zellers store in Cambridge Ontario and, since I liked the song "Spill The Wine", and was intrigued by the other song titles, I bought it. I have enjoyed it many times since then, chillin' while listening to the adventures of Nardo Polo. I look forward to purchasing your latest release and all future projects.
I remember 2NU from high school. I wish I had all of these tapes/cd's. I'm from the west and this music is good stuff.
I am not she... but i am a fan. ever since that random chance flip of the dial back in 92 i knew i had to get it. i managed to find the single, hidden in a random box. i memorized every line of both songs, this is ponderous and she. i had my cousins confusing their parents by spouting sayings in a language they "just didn't understand". i searched for the rest of the album for years, then found a cd while browsing the alternative section at a mall one day several years ago. I was instantly back in 1992 again. and now, i see you've got new stuff and i'm so damn excited. i hope that you guys finally get the recognition you deserve. 2nu rocks! Thanks guys!
I was driving thru the sacramento valley when I heard your song been in my head ever since
I'm 32 now. It's been 10 years since I first heard that song. I wonder now where that boy has gone... Funny that. Maybe, that's what it was always about.
thanks great stuff listened when in high school and still think of it today
I can still remember the first time I heard Ponderous in the 90's and I am glad 2nu has kept that same fresh enchanting sound. GREAT JOB!! Here is to Nardo Polo may you never loose your marbles.
Great stuff man...come on back. Cheers, John.
I'm in the Tri-Cities, WA area (Kennewick, specifically), and Jock's voice work has been all over radio ads here for a good long while now. So... the Johnny Walker ad isn't a surprise, as I remember lyrics from "Two Outta Three" was used for a spa ad-- Columbia Pools, I think. Good to hear you guys are still having fun-- keep it up.
the first time i heard this song i was working at publix #268. it was at the corner of florida and bearass ave in tampa fl. it's the one song that sticks in my head. it's ponderous!!!!!!!!!
A friend of mine gave me 'this is ponderous' because the scream in it sounds remarkably like mine. And he thought it was me in it. Now I can't find him, haven't seen him in 20 years!
Fantastic. My husband just introduced me to your music and now I'm shocked I hadn't heard it before.
I have been a 2NU fan since 1991 when I first heard,"This is Ponderous". The first album was one of the last cassette tapes I ever bought as I was transitioning to CD's. The Tape which still worked to this day through limited play, was stolen from my car while parked in NYC. Of all the things that were stolen out of my car, that tape stung the most. I was ecstatic when I saw the Greatest Hits CD on Itunes and was able to replace some of the songs. I hope to be able to replace the originals songs that I don't have some day.
I am listening to a Audio book by James Axler. The narrator sounds alot like 2nu.
Hey, did you guys ever tour or think about it? That would probably present some logistical difficulties, and it would take a certain kind of audience that would be willing to sit there and listen to spoken word, but heck, I'd go see that!
It takes a long time to find a the music when all you have is the word "ponderous" and Google. At last a shiny, legal CD is winging its way to me. Congratulations on the Johnny Walker ad - it seemed like a good reflection of the original piece Thanks to TripleJ in Australia for playing Ponderous back in the 1990s, and again last month. Like the rest of the guests, let me add my enthusiasm for another album. Nardo's journey is far from over. Regards Nick
I just heard "Ponderous", "Her Name", and "She" for the first time today. I really like the work you've done with this stuff. Really, WAY ahead of it's time. I hope you guys keep making your music. Very unique and special.
*Oh, BTW: you can get a lot of their stuff on iTunes now, Hooray!
Had the Ponderous album since it was new (still hvae the tape!) 2NU is one of those "underground and eternal" things. Frank's Chair and the like are the kinds of things that haunt you forever. They affect you, and touch a part of you so deep that they stick forever. GREAT stuff! Then there's DDS blues, which is just plain fun. Kudos, and Encore! Thanks, 2NU.
I first signed the guestbook back in july 2005, took another look to see how many came after me. Quite a few, but not as many as you would think. But the funny thing is you never really get tired of hearing this stuff and it always seems to take you there.
Good site, admin.
The very first time I've heard "This Is Ponderous" which at the very first time I thougth was weird but the more I played it the more I loved it! I realized that the song tells a story basically about everyone's daily life! 20 Years later 2NUs music is still a classic! Thanks 2NU
Oh man, this stuff opened my eyes to what music could really be. Superb stuff!
That first single with "SHE" on it got worn out in the tape player in my best friend's '68 Mustang. He's gone now, and so is that Mustang, but I found your first CD in a used shop in Denver and brought it with me to Perth, Australia, where listening to it entertains the hell outta the kids and always makes me fondly remember my old friend. Thanks for the memories.
Just try to guess... I think nissan is good.
Congrats on the JW gig! I always thought 2nu's work was very cinematic. I'm in Marketing, and that commercial is beautiful.
See the new Johnny Walker Commercial featuring our song: Crossroads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZl2rR5NDRY&feature=related Michael. 2NU
You guys are still one of the absolute best groups I have ever heard. I found an old cassette single of Ponderous/She at a garage sale back in the mid 90's and wore it out with my best friend, but it got lost when my family moved and I could never remember the name of the band. I'm so glad I've finally found you again! I look forward to sharing you with my daughter ... as soon as she's old enough to talk :D
Still love the music. How about a 3rd album...please! Your fans await
I like to thank you, for making music for all to listean to. I have lent your music to a great deal of friends, and all of them find your word playm and acustics to be something new and refreshing, but never filling. Thanks again for all your work, I hope to hear more of your music in the future. Nick from Wisconsin
Guys...my wife turned me on to "Ponderous" back in 1994 when we first met (I turned her onto Firefall, Three Dog Night, and a couple of other "older" bands). Note that I am pushing 50, and not a typical "groupie" type, but I loved the album. Sadly, we lent it to our niece, and never got it back. FINALLY, my loving, beautiful, cherised, beloved, darling, sweetheart of a wife found it at Amazon, and I received it in the mail today. WOOHOO! I spent the late 70s and early 80s on Okinawa in the Air Force, and missed most of the "new wave", and then spent a lot of the late 80s and early-mid 90s even FURTHER out of touch with the present in Montgomery, Alabama. Just needed to let you know that your fanbase has expanded even further with the addition of my 12 year old son, enjoying it with me. Regards, Frank H Texas
There is no dusk in the city .it's the best.love all of it it's so rare
Hi guys, wow I did not you had a site till tonight. I have been a DJ for 25 years! I currenty play your song Ponderous! I have played this since I first broke your song here in SLC, UT when I used to DJ in radio back in 91' along with Spaz Attack! Loved these songs a lot!! Nice to find you! I would love to review your CD! If you are interested please contact me!! You can find my station at http://www.live365.com/stations/musicmansteven?site=live365 would love to hear from you! Please email me anytime! Also is there a way to get Spaz Attack again, I have been looking for it! I need to try Itunes again!! Thanks and look forward to talking soon! Thanks, Musicman Steven DJ here in SLC, Utah
I always thought if I was going to give my heart to someone I should check to see if their hands were clean... but I never did. Would love to see something new from ya'll. I have this gut feeling that Nardo Polo's journey isn't over, yet.
Brilliant work guys, nicely doneI Enjoyed It Very Much
Wore out my CASSETTE single, glad I found you online!
Would love to get lyrics to franks chair
Hey, I think a Japanese movie called "Versus" used a bit of the opening notes of "The Submarine." Check out the scene where the girl is tied to the tree.
listened to your music in 91 with this is ponderous and fell in love with it then had my tape stolen and have been looking for the songs ever since happy to know new music from you is here again. an avid listener.
Hi Perfect website address www.2nu2.com It is a pleasure to say about Cool website joyful and funny museum http://www.1mim.com Bye
I'm one of your biggest fans. Have been since "Ponderous" first came out, had the only cassette among my friends and played it all the time. I even made an airbrushed tshirt at Panama City Beach with "Nardo Polo" on the front and "The greatest Marble player who ever lived" on the back. Got more questions/comments on that shirt than most, and so many people would challenge what they thought was my claim to be... Thanks for sticking around, just bought the 2 cds I could find and can't wait to hear such great stuff again. Cliff
Thanks Ryan...and thanks to all of you who have left the messages on this guestbook. You're the best. Michael. 2NU
Thanks guys, been enjoying the tunes since the first album. Appreciate it. Don't use my e-mail. Keep on working, the songs move me. Thanks.
I love what u guys do. It has always been a sobering paradox of life. Take this to a road where the passing lane is a dinosaur of tomorrow.
This stuff is great!
I loved ponderous when it came out on the radio.Parts of the lyrics stuck in my head for like 15 years, but i could never remember anything else about it. I finally found someone in a music chatroom who found it for me. im so grateful, this site is great.love the music!!!
i love you guys sossoooo much trhank you for entertaining me!!!!xoxoxoxoxxo god bless you
I was so happy to accidentally stumble over this site. I'd really given up looking for new stuff from 2nu years ago. Glad to see it come back! Good luck with all you do!
Just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing music you do. I have listened to it growing up, and it has always been in my favorites. Please continue to make amazing music, and remember, you will always have loyal fans out there!
Where are you guys?? Your music has been a part of my life for over 16yrs and i continually look for anything new from you. Your distictive style has not gone out of style and I believe there are alot of people out there that would appreciate something new from you. Thanks for what you have given us, but if possible we would love to have more.
"She" is one of my favorite songs in my music collection; I remember tracking down the email address of one of the guys back before they reunited for 2nu2.com and begging for a copy, as mine was lost many years earlier. I get spine tingles every time I listen to it and other 2NU story songs. Awesome music, Thanks guys!
Hi Guys Loved the 1st album!! It went on 10 000 km road trip by motorcycle around South Africa on tape in the early 90s. Really was pleased to find the follow up 10 years later on the web. This music is full of emotion and wonderful memories for me. It is about time for the next enthralling episode. Thank you Peter
I loved the 1st CD... I will be getting the second one as soon as the iTunes error goes away. Keep making the music. I love the mixture of story, song and sound. Do you guys ever tour?
I first heard your original album must have been around 1990. We played that cd non-stop for weeks in the dorm room. Frank's Chair was particularly moving to me. Well, here I am, a few years later, a few years older, and I hadn't heard that song in quite some time, and I find the last message is still so beautiful, it hurts. I've wanted to say, "Thank you". for a while now. Thank you.
I have loved your songs for so long, seek and you will find,how true I have been looking for you work for quit some time now ... Thank you for your music and your website
SO COOL! Just love it!
Loved the music in the early 90's when it first came ou. All my friends have thought I was nuts when I talk about you guys. Great to finnaly find you.
diggin' the tunes, doodes! got yer link from a gal in SL that talks with her eyes. thanks, Yas. ;-) ~d~ www.tapewarm.com
I still have my original CD. I know that is crazy but there is that one, mix a lot swass and roxx gangg. This was one of the music choices that shaped my incredible and crazy late teens. I have now introduced my son to it. Still the same reaction. Thank you for some dream like clarity that only come with story telling music.
"February 22, 2008 I have your first album,and the single Love them (Franks Chair is the bomb) give us more!!!" Dennis, is that you? Hogan jehogan111@yahoo.com
Hi Guys I loved ponderous !! but lost the album years ago and havent been able to replace it, can ypou help ? hope you guys are well and still pumping. cheers Mick
Many years ago my business partner Mick said to me one day, "have a listen to this old sausage!!" as he handed me a cassette tape copy of Ponderous. well i listened to the whole album over and over and loved it. My mate Mick told me that i better not lose the tape as it was the only one in existance. he had Lent the original CD to a friend and taped it before he gave it to his friend. The friend somehow lost the CD he thought cause it never came back. I therefore recorded 2 copies of the tape he had given me and gave him back 1 copy which somehow got lost again. i kept 2 copies and lent one to another friend who lost it. then ichanged cars and left i copy inthe player when i sold it. We tried several years ago to find 2NU on the net just after the net started working. but couldn't find anything on the net. the day after that we checked every record shop in Melborne with no luck, then another guy came to work for us and said he had got a copy of this cool CD called ponderous from a friend which somehow seemed to have passed through dozens of hands along the way. He said he would go home and get it and bring it in the next day.Well Guess Whatt?? it had dissapeared again. So Now today i sit here at the computer and thought i"ll just have another look. well how happy was i to find your site after about 10 years of this album eluding me every time i got close to finding it. lets hope i don't lose this copy eh!!! mmm how can something go missing so many times ---- really ponderous eh!!!
i have been looking for you for years.
While ponderous was cool and new and different, I have to say the reason I am most thankful for it is for the fact that it led me to hearing some of your other work. Most notably "A Fathers Day". It had special meaning when I thought of my late grandfather, my father, and leads me to think about my own life and role as a father. I am a fan of many types of music and poetry, but I A Father's Day stands the test of time. Thanks
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"This fully beautiful, tightly-wrapped Venus De Milo look-alike..." Does she have no arms, then? That opening bass sounds a lot like the old Seinfeld theme. Who made who?
Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago
Wow, I havent heard Spazz attack and Ponderous since I was in 5th grade! An hour ago, I for some reason thought about spaz attack and didnt know who the artist was. Google lead me here. This brings back alot of memories of when my life was innocent and simple... before booty, babies and bills. thanks guys. myspace.com/jeremyconr
Thanks for posting your songs online its nice that I can just stream it from your site. I loved Ponderous in the 90s and just remebered it today. Still a great song!!
My cd was stolen 10 years ago and all I had was the cassett copy I had in my truck. now I can download your music and make a new copy Thanks
My roommate and I used to listen to "Ponderous" 'way back' but then it seemed to drop off the face of the earth! Nobody seemed to remember the song except US! With some effort, we were able to find your site, and found that you had done other music as well - keep them coming!! We are still longtime fans (preferring the original Ponderous over the "redo") Love the other stuff as well!!! Even more surprised to find out you were a "local" artist - at least to us...but then the horns kicked in - and my shoes started to squeak....
Dear Nardo- My roommate and I began listening to your music back in the early 90's while in college. Believe a guy down the hall found your CD at a pawn shop, we borrowed it and never seemed to get it back to him. Nonetheless, the songs saturated our life and we began to spread word of your adventures everywhere possible. Fifteen years later and only one more album, I still share the adventures. My mother in law was the latest convert. It's great to see people's eyes glaze over as they get swallowed into the story and a smile comes over their face as they picture themselves looking straight into the eyes of Mona, the Monkey Woman. I must say that both albums are great. I tend to like some of the more light hearted Ponderous Album the best, but Submarine and the The Island.... I couldn't live without. Please tell us that we're going to be hearing something new soon. -Thanks Guido
Holy Hell ive been listening to you guys since i was 14 (im 22 now) I never knew you guys did more songs wow this is frigin sweet!
I have your first album,and the single Love them (Franks Chair is the bomb) give us more!!!
Love your 1st CD, It was great, Look fwd to hearing your latest, Varon Houston, TX
more! more! seriously your FANS are thirsty for more!
1st Heard you on DR Dementoin 92' of course it was "This is Pondeous". Then I found your CD in '93 fell completely in love with "Frank's Chair"
This music accompanies some of the most important events in my life - strange? Thanks for the new music.
Thanks to a local DJ in Salt Lake City, I have once again found my favorite song. "This Is Ponderous" Thanks to Parker and 101.9 The End. I can't wait to listen to the rest of the music.
My husband introduced me to these guys when we just started dating back in 1995. We love their rythym and style. Stay Cool Yall!
Wheee! I flatted with a guy many moons ago who had the CD, but I could never find it in the shops. CD Baby have both of them winging their way to me as I type. Colour me happy!
I have loved your music since the first time I heard Ponderous on the radio Waaaaay back when, and I just bought the 2nu2 cd now.....and I NEVER buy actual cd's, but this was IMPORTANT! Thanks for making something real.
Hi Bye
I still remember This is Ponderous. Thanks. Wish I could add it to my Yahoo Music but its not there.
My wife and I heard Ponderous 17 years ago on our honeymoon. I love that song! I'm going to check out your other songs. Thanks for bringing smiles to peoples faces.
I love your Ponderous album. My sister gave me a sample CD in '92 and I have been looking for the full album ever since. I glad to see that you have a web site. Thanks, Rob Shafer
So... it wasn't just a dream...
Glad to see your new song on iTunes. I have your first album and always thought it was enjoyable. Glad to see you are still at it.
I have long loved your stuff. I hate itunes, how about a new CD? I'm old fashioned. My kids at a young age could recite many of your pieces and I must admit to stealing your material and performing Madman's Fit, the sincerest form of flattery. I love that tune! Keep them coming! Thanks!
My girlfriend (at the time) and I first heard you in high school and loved it (hunted up the CD in a record store, too -- still have it). Married with two kids later, my two boys (4 and 10) are new fans. My oldest does the chant from Ponderous perfectly. Thanks for everything, hope there's more!
I heard Ponderous for the first time in high schoool and just loved it. My disc has since been stolen twice and I can no longer find that album - but I keep looking! We need something new, gang!
Long time fan here. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great songs, poems, stories, and laughs. Hope you come out with more soon.
Ummm. Make more songs please. Maybe? Ah crumble cake. I know its over. I could only hope for more retrogressive tracks from you guys. Heres to youth! Cheers!
I cant tell you guys how much your music is a part of my life... Ponderous brings back such memories of my teenage years. THANKS!
Ponderous is etched onto the soundtrack of my life. Funny, because it is nothing like my life. Except the lake, there are a lot of lakes in my life.
Long time listener I got the single ponderous and she when I was younger and was hooked I have had a hard time finding your music I have just stumbled upon this you guys kick ass...
Love your music. Can you put ALL you songs on iTunes, please?
Always liked the music guys!
My brother and I love your music. I listened to it for the first time when Ponderous came out. Its amazing when we play it and people ask what in the world we are listening to. Any way thanks for the music. Also love Always wear sunscreen.
for it stuff, cool up. the Thanks great site, keep ,
I LOVE your music!!! I'd love to hear more. Your music had a huge impact on me.
was thier ever a part 2,4, and5 of tthe submarine sieres. your songs all good
I have had the Ponderous CD for along time. Very cool stuff. Was there ever a video mad for any of the cuts on that album? 2 wrongs don't make a right, but three do...
i loved you guys when i was in high school when everybody else was into madonna and crap and now i've got my 11, 12 & 13 year olds listening to you guys...and now they think you're great!!!
Awesom cant wait to share with the world my exictment on new Harry Potter movie! Recomended highly!
Your delightful focus on life has found a new genre of understanding others not unlike Stan Ridgeway.
Just found the clip on U-Tube for 'Ponderous'. I have the song on Vinyl, having heard it on Melbournes JJJ back in the 'OLD' days. God its a great track, up there with The Hombres 'Let it all hang out".
I was in Branson Missouri this past weekend and I was at the Landing in the Discovery Store. I know I heard 2NU playing in the background. I asked the ladies at the desk what they were playing and they said what I was hearing was coming from the two tv's that were playing. I watched the programming for a little while but never heard it again. I know I heard 2NU playing in the store.
thank you! i have always remembered your song since i first heard it back in 1991, ponderous of course, thanks again!
"There's a hummingbird just outside the glass that separates us from the rain. He looked in for just a moment...and then..flew away...." This is why I love 2nu. They have a way of making you feel as if you are there.....living it. I have been a fan for many years and look forward to many more.
had some weird friends that used to speak mongolian (?) around me... things i don't understand i sometimes attribute to mainstream influences that must have spawned them. this music must have made a lasting impression, i haven't heard it (from withoutside my head) twice in 15 years but thought of including it as part of a gesture of farethee well to them as of this morning !
Been listening to Ponderous and She for many years. Am listening to the rest now. I think I need to get the CD soon so I can get away from my computer. I love the odd bent to this collection.
Love you music
My curiosity killer your cat. I'm sorry.
need song ponderous
Thanks for a real alternative album. Your original Ponderous hasn't left my rotation for 15 years.
2NU was self defined in the 90's by its name; it was just, well, too new for the vacuous mainstream and MTV-ers to appreciate or enjoy. It cannot be argued that, absent this variety of sound, no music collection can be considered "complete" without it.
I just wanted to say that the group 2NU is awesome! I heard "This is Ponderous" for the first time since like the early 90's and it brought back a lot of memories. Just the blend of poetry, music, spoken word, sound effects; it's a great treat. I would recomend this group to anyone. It's audio for the senses...
i love the "this is ponderous" song!!
just wanted to say....i like that..ive had your ponderous cd for about 7 years and i still listen to it every once in a while.I expecialy like franks chair and her name...im going to find your other albums ...thanks again Dr. Vortexian
You guys rock I had a friend let me listen to your tape. And I fell in love with it. Wish I could find it somewhere. heard you on an alternitve station out here in Utah today ( THE END 101.9 ) and it got me all fired up to find you. gald it did !!!!!!!!
very good!
Whoa, I'm so out of the loop - I taped Ponderous off the radio (KPLZ) back in '91, but I never knew who recorded it until today! Now I find there's a whole world of 2nu fans out here, and lots more great, quirky funky tunes. It's great to hear a clean copy of the original Ponderous, and now I can't wait to get the rest. Thanks for keeping on with it!
Are you guys going to tour anytime soon?
Nice site! Cheak my site to! It is fresh idea i think ;)
Outstanding!!! It has been years since I heard you guys and have finally been able to find you! I'm so excited! I will be purchasing all your music albums/singles in the near future. Thank you for your creativeness. It still gives me hope for the future generation!
Glad to find this. I was a big fan many moons ago. This music is hard to find now.
I had your 1st tape back in 91, glad to see you are still around and can get your cd's.
Love your music. Thanks.
I had thought they were gone forever. Some of the best memories of my life were brought back hearing your music again! Glad there is an easier way to find your music, will buy all of them!
I was 15 the first time I heard "This Is Ponderous" on OK95. I recently bought the CD and love being taken back down memory lane!! Thanks for the music!
I picked up your single THIS IS PONDEROUS back in the mid 90's (time flies...) and absolutly feel in love with this type of music. 'She', is one of my favorites. For some reason 'She' just conected with me. My son Owen (6 now )also like 'She' and 'This is Ponderous' and 'Franks Chair'. It must be the sence of adventure that your songs put me in. Thank you very much for being ou there.
Mr. Polo: Thank you for pausing from your busy schedule on the marble circuit to gift us with this superb album! Please don't make it so long before you return to the studio for us die-hard fans! Tom
My son (17) just introduced me to your music. He's got good taste.
Loved your music ever since it came out!!! Keep up the good work
Love your work you are GREAT
ponderous is a good song
Love, love, love Ponderous! Brings back great memories from high school for me! Keep up the great work!
Me again. Someone just made a mock video for Ponderous and put it on YouTube. It's fantastic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0xWLahk86I It's not me, I swear. No spamming here! It's seriously entertaining :)
Been a fan since the ninth grade. Graduated in 1995!!!!!
Haven't dropped by in a while - lifes been a little nuts. Lost job, lost fiance of 7 yrs... yeah it has been shite. But on the up side i am focussing on making some ca$h from my comic & doing a Ghostbuster fan film amongst other things. But it is good to see the 2NU site up again. Are you planning on doing any new stuff - maybe 2NU3? Just wondering - i miss my 2nu :) TA
You guys rock! I spent 2 years in Russia, and your music kept me sane. And when I got back? New stuff- sweet new stuff. Thanks so much!!
I live in Sydney, Australia. I am not a big "music person" - of course I enjoy it but I don't (usually) get passionate about it like a lot of people do. So when I do get passionate about something it's a good sign that there is something truly special to it. Here I am 15 years after "Ponderous" was released and thinking "I wonder......". I can see from your "guestbook" that I am just one of the many people that you left an impression upon. I shall come back to this sight many more times to seek out more of your magic. I wish you continued success. Sharne
I never heard of you guys or your music...then I got married. A year later, I was going on a six hour road trip and my wife hands me this cd and tells me to listen to it carefully...it was 2NU2. I don't know why she said 'carefully'...and against my better judgement, I did. I can see colors in dark corners now...thanks bunches
I received This is Ponderous from BMG about 15 years ago by mistake. I ordered something else (I don't remember what now) and your CD came in the case for the CD I actually ordered (ponderous, I know). I was going to send it back, but I played it and loved it. Looking forward to your newer stuff.
All I can say is ..thanks so much for such incredibly different music, I have been turning it onto my friends since I found it in '90..thanks again
number one fan.
Been with you guys from the start and it is still my favorite cd. Good stuff, keep it going.
Dude!!! You guys ROCK!!! I remember buying your first album for Ponderous Man. I ran across the tape a few years back and wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you guys are still out there. I look forward to more new stuff.
Been a fan since frosh year in college 1990, introduced to me by the Mouse Knaus. Never stop.
Thanks for the inspiration guys! Who knows what my production company would be like had we not been inspired by your '91 hit! With a zany style, unique storylines and off the wall story arcs, we have now found ourselves on Blockbuster shelves nationwide. I can't wait until we can find a way to work together! I would LOOOVE to make Her Name in to a feature length film. Again, thanks! You guys are totally cool! Uh...does that show my age? Brett ponderousproductions.com
any new music coming in the future?
Every few years since the internet got big, I've searched for you guys. Glad I thought to look today!
You popularity grows with every person I introduce your music to. This is (TRULY) ponderous!
finally found you, your music was a much needed reprieve from mainstream music....keep it up
Addicted to the first album (This is Ponderous) since it came out. It makes me happy. I am getting 2nu2 now. I can't wait.
Love the old stuff... Love the new stuff... Love that you've got the full songs on your site so I can show off your tunes to all my co-workers. - Joe Levi, www.JoeLevi.com
I can remember your music on the radio when I was in middle school!!!! Man I miss yall and I am so glad to see that this website works!!!! Thank you so much for your awesome music!
It's great to see that you guys are still around! I bought your "The Best of 2NU" CD from MP3.com last year, and have been enjoying it ever since. It takes me back to the days when you first appeared on the scene. I look forward to hearing your future releases. Keep up the great work!
You guys are the greatest!!!!!!! So happy that you have a new cd. Hard to find down here in Oregon. Please don't stop... your music is habit forming to say the least... thank you
I listened to the first album about 400 times when I was in high school, no joke! I stumbled onto this site and am happy to have done so. I wish you would tour to San Jose or San Francisco so I could see live stuff!
Love the new site, guys. Maybe it's not new, I dunno, it's been awhile. Anyway, the longtime die-hards are still waiting for 6 missing chapters in the Nardo Polo saga. Where are they?
I would just like to thank you for giving us something different and entertaining. I love listening to your music and wish there was more. I have turned many people in your direction. Just hope you continue. God Bless and Keep Going!!!!
The music you have made is truely timeless!
I first heard ponderous back in the very early nineties and it was instantly a quirky favorite of mine. A few years later I found a friend with the same interests who had a tape containing that song plus a few others that were also instant favorites. I am so glad to stumble across the website and have my interest rekindled. Best wishes and Thanks!
My father brought the first album home from Desert Storm. I have listened to it ever since.
I really loved your Ponderous album. It was great entertainment while I was in Germany during Desert Storm. I had it on cassette. I would like to get it on CD-will it ever br rereleased? I would like to hear your new album as well. Please send me some information on how to get it. Thank you Tami Stickney
Love the music, brings back great roadtrip memories for my dad and I...where can I but a copy of the Ponderous Cd as well as the new stuff?
Your site is amaizing. Can I share some resources with you?
Hey man...sorry I missed the party.
I discovered Ponderous when it came out in 91. I found the CD a few years ago and I have to admit that Franks Chair is one of my favorite "songs" of all time. It goes on just about every Mix CD I make. The other day a friend and I were talking and she said, "I see what your saying." I looked at her and said, "can you SEE what I'm Saying?" We laughed at the instant, previoulsy unknown connection.
Hey guys I just wanted to tell you that i have been looking for your music for a long time. I used to have your CD but had lost it while moveing. I love your music and the style in whitch you lay it all out. Thank you for your contribution to the world! Jared Gibbs
Hello guys! I like your site, great work. :)
You guys are awesome.....Ponderous is my theme song, wish i could find a good clean copy of it. please please please do some more work.... we need it to liven up the rest of this copycat music industry.
Have been a fan since 1991. Hope you make some more music soon. The world needs more of your creativity.
2NU2.com is some of the most cleanly recorded music I've heard. I played the whole CD on our brand new sound system in the theater, it was remarkable how crisp and clear everything from the vocals down to the sound effects mixed in. Great job.
Great music. Had your first album on tape but hard to find the CD. Great stuff though. Keep it up.
soooooo glad you guys are still around. I'm giving the new stuff a listen and I do like, but "Dusk" is still my favorite. "There is no such thing a dusk in the city"
Hi guys!! Just shared your music with my roommate - he LOVES both "Ponderous" and "2NU2.COM." Question tho: when will the next CD come out? 7+ years is long time to wait.
Great to see you're back again. My friends call me the "Ponderer" as I am slow to react when playing poker. Just downloaded the album from iTunes. Thanks much.
Found my old cassingle of This Is Ponderous/She the other day- been listening to it all the time when driving in the car. Still has the energy and liveliness it did all those years ago. You guys should be proud of yourselves. Am currently enjoying the samples you've got on the rest of the site. Keep up the great and visionary work!
I have just re-found you after 14 years! My wife and I were looking online for music, when I suddenly had an itch..... I remembered listening to this really strange, cool band in college. It starts with "2". When I saw the songs you listed I knew I had found it. It felt like I was in the middle of a Hollywood Mooovie! Thanks.
Years ago, my daugther and I wound up with a cassette of Ponderous ... we would play that thing again and again. Well, the cassette melted on the dash one day ... and that was the end of Podnerous. :( I would think about this when anyone had squeaky shoes ... or if I heard "Do you see what I'm saying...." lol so, finally I searched online for it and ordered it! It's great.....
I love your music and have been looking for your cd with "ponderous" and "spazz attack" for years. Nardo Polo is king.
I have the same problem with my cat.
It was somewhere around 1990-91 when one of my friends in St. Louis forced me to listen to "This Is Ponderous". I loved it! I'm glad 2nu is still around (in any incarnation). I can't wait to hear the "Ponderous" remake!
My mother gave me the 'Ponderous' cassette for my birthday when I was 11 and to this day 'This Is Ponderous' is still my favorite song of all time, with the album being among my favorites as a whole. I like your newer music quite a lot as well, especially 'The Submarine'. Keep up the good work, I've never in my life heard anything quite like it.
Awesome music. Had the tape a long time ago didn't think I'd ever find it again. I especialy like Ponderous
Oh the music, oh the stories, oh the quotes! I must load my mp3 player with the Ponderous album again. (No one quite undersands the significance of "Can you see what I am saying?" and "Aren't you supposed to be at work?") Love yer stuff, guys!
looking forward to something new
I've been fan of you guys since the ponderous days, Franks Chair..FINE SONG, I have the 2nu2 album..but there are some stories that need finishing or continuation.PLEASE MAKE MORE MUSIC..and thanks for what youve done
Those stories, man. That voice. Those slightly altered dimensions full of mysterious women, dangerous sidekicks and exotic locales. The sad beauty and surreal wackiness. I heard 2nu in '91 and I wanted to live in those worlds you were describing. I lost my casette tape and then forgot about it. Now, 15 years later, through the website, I find my way back to those places, and they're as lush and desireable as I remember, with the added bittersweetness of realizing that time goes by and nothing lasts. Thanks for doing your thing, guys.
I have always loved your sound. I have your single with Ponderous nad She on it, nad have always wanted the songs on CD, Thank you so much for rereleasing them.
I had a friend call me up the other day, asking, "do you remember that tape we found that had that ponderous song?" Of COURSE I remembered, although not til that point. But more importantly, I remember the OTHER song on the tape... We called it Bush Warriors, but now I know it to be called She. We wore that tape out, until it no longer played, then moved on. But after he called, I HAD to find it. And here I am! I'm literally about to buy everything I can from you guys. Hearing the end of SHE still gives me the chills. Kickass. Keep it up! Thanks for the Shemeries. =0)
Well the first time I heard these guys was on the US Airforce base in the Netherlands. Still love the music and find the combination of music and stories great. Use your one liners every now and then. Thanks guys.
Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! interesting site. will return in the near future.
There's more songs than are listed on this website. Where can I find all the music by 2nu. I want to buy it all, but I am especially interested in one about a guy who meets a chick while out drinking. they get back to his house, but is not his house, a locksmith is called, a dead body is found and I forget how it ends. Anyway, just want to know where I can find all the music.
It is so great to know these guys are still around. My favorite song is still Spaz Attack. To this day my answer to most questions is "I have the same problem with my cat..."
I, like others here, have never forgotten 'This is Ponderous' from my high school days. Loved it, called the radio station to request it constantly back then. Happy to have found you here. Love to see you do more.
Been trying to get hold of the original 'Ponderous' - It's not on etunes,etc. I heard it first in South Africa when it came out. No live in Dallas. My shoes still squeek. Where can I get the song? Am waiting for the 2nu2 album to be 'in stock'. David
Heard a selection of your tunes in South Africa in the early 90s - the dj was hooked on you guys - after one play, so was I. DJ said one of you was a dentist who decided to make music - Wow! Keep it up. So glad I've found you again.
I'm so happy to have found you guys again I think my shoes have started to squeak. I've been a fan of yours since a friend of mine introduced me to your music in the early 90s. Going to be picking up the new album, and I'm looking for a way to replace "Ponderous". Welcome back, keep kicking out the tunes, for there is, no such thing as dusk, in the city.
My uncle Doug played Ponderous for us a long time ago. He said he found it at some weird thrift store, and we looked at regular stores to buy it, but we couldn't find it...Now I see you've got this website. Cool.
I hadn't caught Ponderous when it was first released, but late is better than never. I can't imagine describing this stuff in past tense, either, or future tense, and present tense is also kind of escaping me. The music hasn't aged well because it hasn't aged at all. The only way to get rid of it is to cut off the head and burn the body, but this is best kept secret as we don't really want any of the swine to take away our little corner of the metaphysical galaxy. I promise you I'm not high on anything other than Zen'd Lullaby.
I'm so glad I found this site. I realy enjoy 2nu!!! Always have. The dry humor is great and the great sounds... way ahead of it's time. I have introduced your music to many people. They were a bit upset because they could'nt find the cd anywhere... now I can hook em up!!!. I was going to a bar quite often about two years ago and had the keroke guy play your cd between bad singers... 2nu soon became an often requested piece of art!!! They loved it just as I do. Good to see you again!
well..finally found ya..been tryin fer awhile..got one a yer tapes..special made by a buddies buddies buddy...and now...i have you..
I've been a fan since "Ponderous" was on the air in the early 90's. Love ya and MAKE MORE MUSIC ALREADY! I want more 2nu!
My prechem teacher played your song "This is Ponderous" I've been huked on it ever sences. I've heard Franks Chair and others on this website the GREAT!! Love Them.
Heard your work on Indy Custom Radio. Liked it.But I have a question Why do so many people on Indy radio all have the same picture of bleak nowhere on their website? Just curious
I just recently heard the song "This is Ponderous" on 97.9 KISS FM in Jacksonville, FL. because they were talking about it. It's hilarious, I love it! lol
thank you for frank's chair, it went straight into my soul many years ago and i never tire of hearing it xx
I am here today because a radio station in Tampa, Fl (93.3 FLZ) was talking about This Is Ponderous. I remember when this song first came out. I loved it then and love it now. And I love your site. Thank you for making it and the others.
Thank you.
I loved this song when it came out. Used to listen to it on the local station. However, it went off abruptly. I have been telling people for years about this song, nobody believed me. I have been looking online for awhile, but no luck. Great to see this song again. It brings back so many memories.
Some great work I missed back then (when first released) and a nice little niche' to keep carving on. Seattle music history is not complete without 2NU2.
Keep up the great work
When is your album going to be in stores again?
You know one thing we never did try was some good old fashion viral marketing. We sold over 200,000 records in 1991. If we could somehow recapture those 200,000 people...If you have any ideas let us know. We would love to produce a few more of the rich stories stored in the deepest recesses of our brains. We have always thought an animated video series of our 'stories' would be a great thing. That takes a lot of support. So how do we recapture those 200,000 people who loved us enough to support us the first time around? Your imput would be valued greatly. We love you all and we appreciate your loyalty. Regardless of what support we get...you can count on more music soon. The Band. Michael & Jock. 2NU
glad to know more people remember ponderous. getting a cult vibe...
Awesome music. Can't wait for more!
Love ya'! Great site too!
Waiting... Just waiting for more GREAT music from you guys... Here's my mix on things... There's a story told if played in this order. 2nu (Randal's Mix) 01) This is Ponderous 02) Spaz Attack 03) Crossroads 04) The Submarine 05) The Legand 06) The Island 07) Count 'Em Up Queek 08) DDS Blues 09) My Valentine 10) Madman's Fit 11) I Like That 12) Swansrok 13) Stalker Valentine 14) Spill the Wine 15) She 16) Frank's Chair 17) Her Name 18) 32 19) Zen'd Lullaby 20) A Father's Day
I still remember hearing Ponderous for the first time and wondering "what was that?" Good days! Never had the first album on CD... It would be nice to have it available, if you had the rights to re-release it.
No cooler than this, yo!
A few years back, I looked for your stuff on the internet, trying to convince my husband that I had heard a song called "This is Ponderous" back in my teenage years. Nobody I asked had ever heard of it, and I got more than a few bizarre looks. Tonight I searched again, and found this site, and I am vindicated! We enjoyed an evening of listening to more of your music together, and laughed heartily with Stalker Valentine. Thanks for putting up a web page!
Hooray! You're online - nice website too. When is the next CD due for release? Peace - Reid
I had forgotten what your band's name was but have been trying to find you for years. Glad to see that you're making more music. You guys rule!
Awesome site
Those songs wont play!
I have been WAITING for you guys to come out with some new stuff. I was in high school when "Ponderous" came out, but it wasn't until a friend played "She" before I get *really* hooked on your stuff back then, and have been ever since. Keep it up guys, this stuff is great.
I was 11 years old when I first heard "This is Ponderous" in 1991. I promptly memorized the story of the dream and loved the song. I bought the single cassette which also had the song "She" on it. To this day they are the only two 2nu songs I ever heard. Later today I'll have to spend more time in the Music section of this site. Glad to hear 2nu, or now 2nu2, is still making music! Best of luck to you!
oh man, y'all be rockin! i use to listen way back in the day, had a demo(single?) tape of she/ponderous, which i wore out. never thought i'd hear ponderous ever again. thanks so much for putting it on your site, i'll show this site to all my friends. innkeeper
Just had to play some of your tunes on my show! You guys are awesone... Check out what I did with it at: http://skinnywhiteboy.kastpod.org
This is ponderous, never knew who did that song, and everyone I asked over the years thought i was crazy. Heard it on the radio last night, looked it up on the web, and now I know!
You guys were way ahead of your time.
Back when I was in college in '94, a friend of ours left an eclectic mix tape with such endearing songs as Dear God, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), and Bitchin' Camaro on it - the mix tape concluded with 'This is Ponderous' and 'Spaz Attack', but of course, offered no credits whatsoever. It has taken me eleven long years to figure out who the geniuses were behind these two incredible songs, and I am now incredibly sated. I look forward to hearing the rest of the works, and hopefully buying CDs!
I have been searching for that song for 15 years. All I had to go by was the lyric "Can you see what I'm saying?" and the knowledge that it was about a dream. Everyone thought I was insane. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being on the net, and I truly look forward to finally being able to discover all of your other music!
Finally, been looking for you guys a long time, Was a big listener in the early 90's. Heard the newer stuff recently . Can only say I am equally impressed and cant figure out why people havent demanded more.
Love the music. Keep it coming! Bought the album on cassette in the early 90s and played it until it wore out. Everybody I played it for loved it but nobody could find a copy to get for themselves. I notice that your version of 'Spill the Wine' is missing here. Any chance it will make an appearance?
I would like to buy a copy of 2nu2's first album, but I'm having no luck finding it. Any info on how I can get the first album. The samples on the website are cool and I want the album. I'm going to order the new album from cdbaby.com
WooHoo! I have been waiting for a couple years to see something happen on this site. I discovered your music in college ('00), and have been looking for albums ever since. I now have both of them and the Single(boy I paid a ton for them, lol). Can't wait to hear the rest of the chapters. ~M
"Aren't you 'sposed to be at work?" Tap dance while wearing golf shoes? Now that's RICH!! I first heard this album on the airways when I was a charter boat captain on Guam in 1990. Yes, I said GUAM. Have noth albums and anxiously waiting for more!!
Love their music!
So glad I found this site. Just ordered the 2nd album. I've owned the first album since This is Ponderous started getting local radio play in Washington state. My wife and I still quote from the first album, such as being "Out of my blink synch" when the lights flicker; or one of the kids has a "Spaz Attack".
I found it!! I missed this album so much, I constantly find myself quoting parts to people, only to either get an exsctatic pointed finger or a clueless cock of the head. I Want Both Albums Again! Where do I get them?
A friend of mine got me listening to your first CD in the early 90s. I found a copy for $1.99 in the bargain bin around the same time. It was worth a lot more than the crap they try to pass off as music today. "If you are looking for a hidden message there is none. Please make a note of it."
I have been looking for "This is ponderous" for a couple of years now, and finally found it. :-) Found quite a few songs I haven't heard before, too. Sounds like just the kind of music I need to really relax on the 1 hour+ buss trip to and from work every day. Thnx, guys!
This is Ponderous is one of my favorite songs of all time. I haven't been able to find the song for the last 8 years and just found your site tonight. You guys are phenomenal. I am looking forward to listening to more of your music.
Forget swans, you guys rock! Ok don’t forget swans they are pretty cool too. I knew that if I kept checking the site would come back! Thanks for the AWESOME music I think I listen to your albums more then any of the other ones I own. (still after all these years)
You guys so rock, you have to come out with a new cd and i have all of your cd's that you have put out so far, i was thinking about naming my first daughter hafadala is that's how spell it, but anyway you guys are the best and in a music genre in your own, keep up the good work and hope to see and hear more from you all.
Love your music. MAKE MORE!
Hey guy's ,love the music ,Haven't heard since high school. But I can't figure out the song that was about a under water adventure . Can anyone help
I haven't heard 'This is Ponderous' since 1992 and it sounds as good as I had remembered.Thanks for the site, real cool.
Hot D@mn! You guys rock. I've been a fan since the early 90's. Thanks for putting up the site. I have not been able to find quality 2nu links for two years. Thanks a bunch.
I originally purchased 'This is Ponderous' in the early 90's and yes your CD made it to me in Australia and it currently lives permanently in my CD changer - I have also loaded your songs to my iPod and keep amazing everyone I know with your wonderful tunes.... Thanks for being so entertaining and interesting and I will purchase the new CD.
I just wanted to say that i lip-synced this song when i was in 9th grade. At the time it was new on the radio and i opted out of singing any regular old song...i wanted something cool and different. Everyone loved my performance and i got my picture in the year book first page...This song has been on and off in my mind since then. I just now attempted to look on-line and found this site and THE SONG!!!!! yay! internet is cool...thanks so much. -anna
my favorite was 'Frank's chair'. my dad gave me grief about it but then wanted later to build his own cabin with a chair on the porch. also i enjoyed the cliffhanger effect of 'her name' and stuff. you guys are cool
Love the music. Ponderous was such a strange song back in the early 90s. I loved it! Really like the songs I've downloaded so far from 2NU2. Keep it up.
Wonderful to see the site back online. I still play both CDs regularly, and hold on to a glimmer of hope that more will come. Long Live Nardo! The world needs him now more than ever!
I love this stuff. I had the cassette back in the 90's. One of my kids ruined it by playin streamers with it. Since then I have not been able to find it any where. Thank god for the internet. *****
Thanks for "A Father's Day"....Made me proud to know my tough, hard charging old man.
This music is awesome!
I am a guitarist in a hard country/rock/metal/blues/soul band in Texas. Heard you stuff quite by accident, LOVE IT!!! You have a new fan.
Hello! This is a wonderful day because I have found the lyrics to Ponderous and you have a website and albums that I am going to buy. That song played in the confusing days of my high school years on the bus on the way to school and I never wanted to forget them. I NEVER thought anyone else would know what I was talking about if I searched engines for this song, but, lo and behold! THERE THEY WERE!!! I am so happy. Thank you so much for bringing back some memories I haven't thought of yet because I haven't been able to hear the song yet, I've only seen the lyrics. Thank you so much for existing.
More music! More albums! The world can never have too much of the world's greatest marble player.