2NU has always been about redefining new music, trends and perceptions, and continues to do so which is not surprising. Especially to those who have followed the Seattle based band since they exploded on to the national scene with their eclectic and critically acclaimed 1991 Atlantic Records debut THIS IS PONDEROUS. 2NU scored a hit (number 46 on Billboard Top 100 Singles, Feb. 1991) with the single THIS IS PONDEROUS. Perhaps their music was a concept before its time. Recent successes such as Shawn Mullin's "LULLABY" and the SUNSCREEN SONG might indicate that such was the case. However, the two founding members of 2NU had already reached the conclusion in 1997 that the time had come for them to bring back that delightfully, eclectic brand of music that launched them into the national scene in 1991. In February of 1999 they released COMMAND Z, a four song EP that features a remake of the 1991 hit THIS IS PONDEROUS and a brand new feature single titled THE ISLAND, followed by the recent release of the full length LP titled 2NU2.COM. The 12 song LP presents the far broader range of this unique group. Still present are the surrealistic story telling, spoken-word songs such as THE SUBMARINE, THE LEGEND and THE ISLAND. However this highly produced work introduces a more serious side of 2NU with songs such as ZEN'D LULLABY, a sobering statement in light of tragedies such as the school shootings in Arkansas, Colorado and Atlanta or the reflective nature of A FATHER'S DAY and 32. And just when you thought you had them all figured out, 2NU reaches right out and grabs you with STALKER VALENTINE and a blues song titled THEN AGAIN that leaves you wondering "just exactly where are these guys coming from." The album comes with the following warning: "Listening to this album over and over and over again may become habit forming. It could cause your mind to wander uncontrollably. It may even convince you that you know something that no one else does. Something about the wind, perhaps. Or a special place at the end of a long, lonely road that only you and one other person know about. Something that may take you to a different place. In a different time. In a different car. If it does affect you in any of these ways, just turn it off for an hour. And please return the car." Their inspiration? Lives filled with "life." And if you wanted, you could spend a lifetime trying to find all the hidden meanings, but the songs are more about what they mean to the listener, then what they mean to 2NU. 2NU and their music is being released by NU MUSIC and is available directly to the music fan at CDBABY.com at http://cdbaby.com/cd/2nu2, http://cdbaby.com/cd/2nu22, on iTunes or on their website, www.2nu2.com. For more information or promotional copies of these outstanding works, send your request to Michael Nealy at nealy@2nu2.com. Just announced: A new 8 song release titled "RAGING SKIES" is now available on their website for your listening pleasure.